November 2017

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Pride Journey: San Antonio, Texas

My recent visit to San Antonio began with not knowing if I was even going to be able to go. It was at that time in the path of Hurricane Harvey, which ultimately took a turn towards Houston as we all now know, I was debating whether or not I should even attempt to visit the city. If I did go, would I be able to visit all of the attractions I wanted to see? Would it be raining and miserable? Would the city be flooded as predicted?

by Joey Amato
schedule 2 weeks ago

Meet Bruce Vilanch

Bruce Vilanch and I have been dear friends for almost thirty years. We met somewhere around 1989. He's in my web series, "Child of the '70s," which you all can find on Dekkoo. Bruce, of course, is a famous writer, and has written for almost everybody, most notably Bette Midler, Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal, and he wrote the Oscar telecasts for many years.

Author Image Michael Vaccaro
schedule 2 weeks ago

ClexaCon and Wonder Woman

Caitlin Dechelle, one of the incredible women behind Wonder Woman, will be at ClexaCon 2018! You might not know this, but Caitlin performed most of the incredible stunts for Gal Gadot in the recent blockbuster hit Wonder Woman.

by ClexaCon Staff
schedule 2 weeks ago

Tom of Finland

Award-winning filmmaker Dome Karukoski brings to screen the life and work of one of the most influential and celebrated figures of twentieth-century LGBTQ culture.

by QLife Staff
schedule 2 weeks ago

Hello Epiphany!

As a music artist,  Epiphany Mattel is raw, unapologetic, and provocative.   She stirs pots and fixes plates by speaking her truth and not caring if people receive it or not, as long as they hear her.  

by Jason Salerno
schedule 2 weeks ago

Trey Pearson Releases Music Video For "Love Is Love"

Openly gay artist Trey Pearson has released the music video for "Love Is Love," the title track off of his debut solo pop album, available now.

Author Image Russ White
schedule 3 days ago

Don't Block LGBTQ Act of 2017

LGBT Tech is proud to be a part of introducing the Don't Block LGBTQ Act of 2017 to Congress along with Representative Brad Schneider (IL-10).

by QLife Staff
schedule 2 weeks ago

Gay Games Coming to Hong Kong

The Federation of Gay Games (FGG) General Assembly voting took place 30 October 2017 in Paris, France; Hong Kong is the 2022 Gay Games XI presumptive host city. 

by QLife Staff
schedule 2 weeks ago


What happens when you pair the cutest pups on earth  — who just happen to be in need of forever homes — with beautiful, hunky men?  The year’s most buzzed-about calendar, that’s what.

by Paul Hutnick
schedule 2 weeks ago